Wont boot (win 98)

When I start my computer is acts like it is going to startup ( I even get to the “Windows 98 splash screen” on the monitor). BUT right afetr that the damn monitor goes blank. It continues to sound as if it is running, but no monitor output!!! :a :a :a :a :a :a
What do I do :confused: :confused:
Im not sure if this is the right formum but I am desperate!!!

HAVE PITY :bow: :bow: :bow: Knowledgeable people

blue screen of death??? did you do anything different last time you used your computer? have you added any new software or hardware recently? if you have your recovery disk or win 98 cd you could try an automated recovery…need more info.

No its seems more like its going into sleep mode or something??
Any more ideas???

Sounds like your monitor cannot handle your set resolution or the video drivers have been corrupted.

Either way, trying booting into the safe mode and deleting your video adapter in Device Manager. Reboot and allow windows to re-detect and install it.

Maybe it’s just Win98’s way of protesting your working it long past it’s retirement date.

Good one.

In a related story, the IRS has recently ruled that the cost of Windows upgrades can NOT be deducted as a gambling loss. /.

If Nemesys’ idea does not work for any reason, there is another solution, but it may seem a little bit difficult. Just let me know.