Won't boot up

We just have had a power failure, and daughter’s computer was on when it happen. When the power came back on her computer screen says that windows did not shut down correctly and to push enter for windows start up properly. I push enter it reboots and goes back to the earlier screen saying to push enter start up. It will not boot into windows just keeps going back to that same screen. Any ideas on what is wrong, she is running xp home.

Have you tried to replace “Master Boot Record” with a new one?

I got bit once like this but it blew up my router only. Ever since i’ve had a UPS.

Try this and this goes with what rolling said.

Put in the windows CD and go into recovery mode enter the admin password if needed if not hit enter then type [B]FIXBOOT [/B]enter yes and then type [B]FIXMBR[/B] hit enter then yes now exit out and remove the disc and boot up as you would normally.