Wont boot do WinXP Pro SP2 Setup disk

Okay, so I have a Dell OEM WinXP Pro SP2 setup CD that I’ve been having problems with on an old machine. I can’t get it to boot up to the CD. It seems to work fine with my friends WinXP SP1 cd, but it simply refuses to do so with this other cd. I tried it on my Dell and it boots just fine to the disk. Okay, so I’ve poured over the BIOS and haven’t managed to get it to work, I’ve set the jumpers, tried even the secondary drive as the main drive, still no good.
Is there any reason an older system would not boot do a WinXP Pro SP2 disk??

It is a dell oem and checks the bios-can not find the right check for your old machine-I bet your old machine is not a dell

I figured that the cd would detect that later on in the setup process. Its a funny thing because I have an old gateway that took the cd and the key and even the activation with no problems. I’m not sure why.