Wondershare ~ Do NOT buy from them!



Over the years I have purchsed MANY programs on-line. No Satisfaction “MONEY BACK” has never been a problem until NOW. I made a mistake online with Wondershare and have been working back and forth with them for FIVE days and am getting NOWHERE. The strange part is I have bought a number of their products in the past WITOUT request for REFUND.

With this latest program, REFUND for NOT SATISFIED has become a MAJOR hassle. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM if you want to be SECURE in spending your money. I’ll let you know if their Customer Service does the right thing.

SO FAR … NO REFUND, BUT they want me to purchase what I thought I had odered ( they want MORE $$$$$ ) and keep the mistake order ANYWAY.

I guess they really NEED the $ 50.
NO OTHER company has been like this !


I wouldn’t buy from any company that relies on spamming forums as a form of advertising.


me either LOCOENG :slight_smile:

although the best online purchase i have ever made, will not refund your money if you are not satisfied with their products. but i am very satisfied. :slight_smile:

thanks for the warning hdfree.