Wondering why I can't write directly to DVD DL

Hello Guys,

I am fairly new at DVD copying.
I am trying to copy a complete dvd with the CLONE option
I am reading from a SL DVD and wanting to write to a DL DVD with a DL disk in the drive.

It is going through the process of ripping to disk first.
Why does it do this ?
It seems to me it would be faster going right to the BURNING?

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if you have two drives, you can use the write existing data option and copy on the fly.

you can burn on teh fly, but it’s not recommended. if your reader ends up hitting a tough patch and slows down to a slwoer speed than your burner then you’re screwed with buffer underrun errors and a coaster.

it takes longer, but you have less of a risk of errors when you rip first then burn.

But why do you want to burn on a DL disc?
You’ve mentioned that the source disc is a SL disc.

rapid fire,
I was gonna ask that too! Doesn’t make any sense.

And a backup made via ripping and burning on the fly, even with an original that is in pristine quality, could fail with even the slightest hickup from your computer, such as moving the mouse.


If he’d like to waste a DL, so let him do! :wink:

I couldn’t quite understand that before. I see now, “write existing data” use the DVD ROM drive! What an idiot I am. It’s obvious really. :o

So just for fun, I tried it and yes, I have a coaster!!! Just what I always wanted. :smiley: Now I have three! :bigsmile: The other two were my stupid fault as well.

I meant I was READING from a SL DRIVE not DISK.
Thanks for hopping on that error though.

Seems to me that these programs should be able to write directly if they are truly able to make CLONES.


You can write directly to a DL disc, but what you mean with SL Drive a single drive and does that mean you’ve one drive?
Also like mentioned before here you’ll be on the safer side with a rip on your hd.


The original is in a SL drive a PX-712A and the writer is a PX-740A.


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can you define SL drive?

i think we’re all a little thrown off by your terminology…

are you saying it only writes to SL discs? If that’s the case then it doesn’t matter at all since that’s going to be your reader drive.

you just need to make sure the drive has a higher read speed than the write speed in your other drive that will be doing the burning.

if the reader drive so much as hits a any tiny read problem…a small scratch/mastering errir/fingerprint, your burn has just about had it.

if you can’t tell, it’s highly recommended to rip first

You are talking about disk duplication which is a 100% hardware method mostly used for quick copying and distribution of data DVD’s, not movie DVD’s. Disk duplicators available to the public do not use software … and can’t override CSS or purposeful mastering protections.

A DVD backup with CloneDVD2, which is the theme of this area of cdf, is a consumer software/hardware solution to protecting your investment. Rip to HDD (with any of the three CloneDVD methods on the opening page of CloneDVD) and then burn if you want consistantly successful backups.


IF DL = DUAL LAYER then SL would = SINGLE LAYER, yes?

also why would you say I am wasting a DL disk? what are they for if not to use? Also if the anydvd software is getting rid of the encryption and I want to make a clone, and say I step my 16X burner down to 8X I would assume time wise, it would be much more efficient to burn directly to disk if I am making one “backup” copy.

It takes about 30 minutes to rip this to disk, then even longer to burn than it should. I am trying to evaluate this software and it says it clones directly to DVD DL. Which to me for 2-3 dollars a pop is worth it then spending about an hour per disk for a copy?

You keep talking about your time factor… what is the rush? Burn 16X media at 8X, burn 8X media at 4X if you want player compatible backups. You are not duplicating disks, you are making a backup of a movie you purchased so you want a reliable result. And dump the Memorex.

he said you’d be wasting a disc because “on the fly” copying is VERY prone to errors and at $2 a disc for DL media, I don’t like to take that chance.

to improve your chances, only use Verbatim DL media. no other brand has proven to be as consistent and widely compatible

For doing this wouldn’t you be better using CloneCD?? (Also available from www.slysoft.com) Don’t let the name fool you - if used with AnyDVD it will more than happily clone your DVD movies. CloneDVD2 excells at compressing a DL movie down to a single layer disc - and of course removing all the adverts, trailers and stuff.

what kevin’s interpritation of an SL drive is that it is not capable or burning DL media. Kevin it will still read DL media as most movies come on DL


so basicaly there is no problem as long as you use verb media as reasonsnotrules suggests and also steer clear of ‘on the fly’ to stop these expensive DL media being wasted

i have been using clonecd to burn verbatim +r dl discs on the fly. and i would like to disagree with some of the earlier posts. i have backed up about twenty movies out of my collection using this method and have not made a coaster yet.