Wondering if this media is any good

Hi there. I just came about the following DVD+R somewhere for a reasonable price. Can anyone tell me if it’s any good? And with this I mean quality of the dye and compatibility with standalone DVD playes. I am pretty sure my Lite On LDW411S will be able to burn them. Here’s the info:

Ritek 4.7GB DVD+R 4X Printable
Use : 4X/8X
Packaging : Cakebox 50st
Label : White Printable
Mediacode : RICOHJPNR01

Also I came about the same “brand” but then DVD-R. Here’s the info on those. Any comments on it are most welcome:

Ritek G04 4.7GB DVD-R 4X Printable
Use : 4X
Packaging : Cakebox 25st
Label : White Printable
Mediacode : RitekG04

Thanks! And let me know if I am safe to buy these please.

Hi there,

Useful on the RITEKG04 can be found here.

Information on the RICOH discs can be found here

If you want more info (and believe me, there’s lots more information available, try entering the media code in our search… :wink: