Wonderful Burning Software :)



Thought it was time I posted in here, as i’ve been reading mostly about problems & thought i’dd add my 2 cents worth…

Olli your a top bloke. ive been using your software since the begining,
& it improves with age just like a good port.

my burning System.

Athlon 1.333 cpu
pc2100 700+mb
2 80gb 7200 HDDs
Pioneer 107D on second IDE no other devices attached
firmware 1.15 UDMA Enabled

Now i’m using latest CloneDVD/AnyDVD.

my method of cloning is mostly movie & ac3 only with the exeption of dvd5 movies,I encode DVD files to hdd only then Burn files to disc.

ive tried other methods like to a iso/udf image & had some problems, so thats why i stick with DVD files. It works & i’m happy
ive not found a movie it cant copy unless its badly scratched. so as to others having problems, perhaps some dvd protections are related to regions. all i can say is this software is the best Ive compared a lot of others & not seen any quality improment at all…

i would like to see a Actual drive speed graph implemented during Reading/Writing that would be nice… other from that its fine…

Thankyou very much olli for your support & updates of this fantastic software. i look forward to upcoming updates … :smiley: