Wonder if anybody can help me to Identify this BlueRay writer?

recently I’ve bought a Lenovo Ideapad Y580 that come with a blueray writer . the writer Identify itself as “HD-BL-ST BD-RE BT20N” and the firmware is KV01-01 or KV01 depending on the software also its serial number is KVDC5MD3243 .
I wonder if anybody knew what writer Lenovo used in this laptop

It’s this one - or based on this one:

Thanks A lot , for the help.
now I wonder why with this device I can’t made ImgBurn only write to first layer of DVD+R DL disks isn’t putting a mark in front of "DVD+R DL only write to first Layer (*) " enough to do the work or I need some extra work .

the problem is I have some DVD+R DL that seems don’t like being written on their second Layer and I wanted to use them for day to day use for medias that don’t need more DL media