Won`t recognize blank dvd discs



i have a liteon hd-a740x which is the secnd liteon that has had the same problem in that any dvd blank disc i insert to record on is not recognized. it says to insert blank media as there is no disc present when there is.
it plays about 90% of th recordings i have made on my pc but wont record onto blank discs, it does record onto the hard drive but that defeats the purpose of why i bought it. the previous one i returned with the same problem and it was replaced after emailing usa hq and back which took ages and i dont fancy doing that again.
someone here suggested cleaning the laser with alcohol and it worked for him.
my qustions are
1, how can i do a factory reset on this model?
would be really grateful if anyone can help me?
many thanks…:frowning:
2, does anyone know how to clean the laser?


1, how can i do a factory reset on this model?[/QUOTE]

This is going to sound like a silly question, but is there not a section in the user manual that tells you how to reset the unit?

In the manual for my Philips DVDR-5500, it’s found in the “Troubleshooting” section.


i found the reset but it makes no difference at all…


Did you add the software first for the DVD burner?


[QUOTE=Riskyone101;2468859]Did you add the software first for the DVD burner?[/QUOTE]What software? :confused:
This is a standalone recorder, not a computer component.


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scotsdavy, there’s another thread on drive replacement in the a760x which may be helpful. It should be listed right around this thread in the forum list…


well i got a reply from liteon and they said it was a faulty component and basically in their own words there is nothing they can or are prepared to do about it. i even asked if i could buy a replacement burner as i have an expensive bit of silver component that tells the time but they were not interested at all!
i will never ever by anything from them again.
they said to download the firmware for it but i explained it won`t even play a dvd or cd so there was no chance in doing that.
it was like hitting my head against a brick wall.
i had a previous version years ago and it did the same thing as well.
best of all, i have a dvd player that i have had for years with no complaints and it cost 90% less than this one.
usual story, once they get your money they are not interested.
i reminde them about customer relations but it fell on deaf ears as per usual.
afecu, i will look at the thread you mentioned, many thanks


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