WOMBLE wins AVATAR Contest

Congrats to womble on a whopping 18 votes in winning this years avatar contest!!!

Why do I feel like it was some sort of Iraqi election where the overlord gets all the votes. You can’t win, I didn’t vote for you! I didn’t vote for anybody. I didn’t vote, period. Boooooooooooo

Well I was close with 3 votes.

It’s a conspiracy…

You were lucky Womble, i had a late run of 1 votes. I bet you could feel the pressure :smiley:

YAY at least I tied with Ockinshay. I couldn’t have standed losing alone :frowning:

Quiet infidel. Bow down to your supreme avatar ruler.

Maybe you should open a new contenst and don’t allow mods and admins to enter :wink:

But then I won’t win. :a

Rigged contest!

My poor pooch has slunk away to his doghouse and won’t come out… :sad:

Whee! I got one vote! :slight_smile:

Congrats, Womble. It’s a very amusing avatar…

I voted for you Chriso :wink:
Nice avy

Congrats Womble!

overlord… overlord… who uses overlord in their daily text of conversation… tooo much Starcraft maybe …ummm…

Damn I came 2nd…not enough advertising I suppose:)

I voted for you Cyber. I like Avy’s people custom made themselves :slight_smile:

I actually voted for rdgrimes. I liked his dog.

Who voted me? (Be careful what you answer. I’m preparing a death list for the folks that didn’t vote me…)

devil like voice starts
devil like voice ends

I voted womble…

That was a vote well spent.

Yeah… So, what about the money? I heard that the other 17 got them already…

Yeah… that was mine :stuck_out_tongue: I think your avy is very cute :smiley:

I think you’ve got it all messed up… Mine is the cute one! :cool: