Womble Video Wizard

Great software, a dream come true- but.
After about seven months of perfect working, it starts giving me trouble. Anytime I try to reselect a play point, you know, just reposition where the playback starts in a project, it begins spazzing- playing very fast, then eventually petering back to normal speed if I allow it to run long enough; but now with any new file I introduce into it, especially music, no matter what bitrate, it will never correct itself, in both input and output playback.
Output playback does not have adjustable playback speeds, though it does have speed control, but all the files are set to their proper speed.
I have tried adjusting the playback speed in the input playback, and at any speed but normal it does nothing, no video or sound.

Wonderful expensive software, love it, newest version I know of, what the pluperfect heck is going on?

Not sure if this is of any help - but I’ve had similar sort of problems when using Womble.

Close all applications before you start womble. Preferably reboot your PC before you start to use womble. Disable firewall and anti-virus real time scan etc. (disable your internet connection to be on the safe side).

In other words make sure you’ve got nothing else running.

I’ve experienced problems with the anti-virus software going crazy doing real-time scans as womble is creating temporary files etc.

This software is the best, never a problem.
Try re-installing.

Getting the ‘slowdown’ quite often now, especially when saving a new mpeg that contains the transition effects.

I’ve also tried re-installing to no effect. I think the problem may be related to the September update (as I’ve recently updated and never had this trouble). Stick with the May update may well be the best advice.

Make sure the file you are importing into Video Wizard isn’t corrupt.
Rubbish in, rubbish out. :rolleyes: