Womble Mpeg Wizard and blocky exported files

Yes, I’m back to complain about the otherwise all powerful and beneficent Womble Mpeg Video Wizard.

When I export cut down but otherwise unedited video clips using its exporting wizard, the resolution is flawless. But when I export movies that I have edited (added filters, changed the speed), it exports the edited parts in crappy resolution. The parts left unfiltered are flawless, but anything other is blocky and jumpy.
No matter what I set the expert settings to.


This problem has forced me to use TMPGenc to encode the files, and though the edited parts look no different from the rest, the end quality of the whole movie suffers.

Again, why?

I put in flawless vobs and mpgs, I want flawless mpgs out - all the time!
Why does it have the capability to fiddle with the files in these ways if it can’t export said fiddling right?

Do you gurus have any insights and inspirations that might guide me to the path of light?

All I want for Christmas is a good def file!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


Sorry I cant help you, I am new to womble video wizrad. I tried to cut out some frames, but can not see the icon for saving the new edited file. Also I am confused as
to how I get the video into the first window, becasue there are 2 of them and I can
only open & paste into to the seconf window. It would have been nice if womble had made a video of how to use it. I can find some examples of how to use a movie editor
on youtube.com ,but only for Movie maker.

to get video into the first window you just quickly double-click the file; it’s a preview window, not an editing one.
On the top bar of the wizard, there are several icons, including one that looks like a small vhs tape- click that one it will bring up the fully-customizable export window. On the vertical right hand bar, there is a button with only a red dot on it- that’s the button to the quick export window.

Hope this helps.

Anyone else?
I am the mistress of obscure problems!

Mpeg video wizard is the best, although it takes a bit of time getting used to it.
I find it best for home movie editing and overdubbing soundtracks onto old music footage.
Check out this sample, although the source is in cd quality stereo the linked website is only in mono.
The original soundtrack was drab.

Cut and paste only on above link.