Womble bashing thread!



Having no scruffy looking dogs, or ferrets to chase the womble out of his hole in the ground, I’ve decided to create a thread about womble.

Womble should be .(vote above). for repeatedly reviving ancient threads about nonsense.


Too slow. No poll :wink:


no bashing.We need those dead threads.


sold as a sex slave to the russian womens olympic swimming team :stuck_out_tongue:


me too! :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:


I voted for every option :bigsmile:
Womble for fishy president! Fishy fishy fishy! Come little fishies!


Definitly “sold as a sex slave to the russian womens olympic swimming team”


Does anyone have a picture of the Swimming team. I’m half intrested. :wink:


For your eyes only! :slight_smile:


Agreed it should be sold as a sex slave, but to the romanian olympic team not the russians - they’re the ones willing to get their kit off in the ads! :bigsmile:


I know the word on everyones lips is “which one next?”. Well stay tuned to find out.


Womble dear it appears your Russian swim team has defected…and is now living here in the US…but they still want you for their sex slave…


I’m disinheriting the half that was intrested.


womble you know those women are gonna look like porn stars …with a few drinks…


I don’t know if there is enough beer in the world … sorry …


Dito. :iagree: :bigsmile:

A few drinks, a few drinks, a few!!!
Crazy Sexy_S … you need more drinks then there are fish in the sea before they gonna look pretty. :eek:


A lot o´bang for the buck??? :eek:


“Bucking” and “Fat russian chicks” should not be in the same sentence :stuck_out_tongue:


I just found this and realised that I never piced an option. Oh well another ye old thread to the top. :slight_smile:


awwww womble …you know your the tops here…even above tax