Woman Who Donated Kidney To Husband Now Wants It Back

Samantha Lamb, a 41-year-old mother of one, underwent the kidney transplant operation for her husband, Andy, back in October 2009. She even lost weight to prepare for the surgery, which was documented by the BBC.

But a few years after the life-saving procedure, Samantha learned that Andy was leaving her – and now she says she wants the kidney back. (The angry wife told the paper she believes her husband cheated on her, which Andy vehemently denies.)

Hell hath no fury…

Why doesn’t she just cut to the chase and shoot him. It has the same effect as taking back the kidney.

Just proves you should get it in writing. She should have had a lawyer draw up a contract that it was on loan and had to be returned if he did not stay married to her. People get Prenuptial Agreements to protect there assets all the time and I think a kidney would be asset.

When it comes to ownership of kidneys, I would say possession is 9/10th of the law.

Stupid woman.

As if that kidney will still function 100% correctly in her body again. It’s not Lego’s we’re talking about here. The guy may leave her, but i hope she finds comfort in saving another humans life.