Woman Torches House Trying to Kill Spiders



For a laugh about utter stupidity, read this.


Whatever happend to good old fashioned squishing? :smiley:


Good god, what a numpty!. A blonde moment if ever there was one. :smiley:


“The family have had to look for somewhere else to stay,” he said. “The spiders are gone though – that problem was solved.”

and just like arnie “They`ll be back”


Sounds like an episode from Brainiac :slight_smile:


I had 2 friends in college that hated cockroaches so much (and since they had a roach problem in their residence) that they captured the buggers, then took hairspray and a lighter to light them on fire. You would see all these black, charred outlines on the sidewalk outside the door of their place–just like the outlines of roaches. The only thing funnier was watching the roaches run around on fire until they croaked. Of course, those two guys had the brains to torch them outside and near nothing flammable. :iagree:

[ADD] Dee-27, ako, or whoever knows, please define ‘numpty’ for me. I’ve tried looking it up in my electronic Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries, but neither has it. I would appreciate it for someone to add to my knowledge of English that way (I assume it’s something like ‘numbskull’ or ‘idiot,’ but want to be as exact as possible). :wink:

Oops! Found it. Here’s a good link, it appears.

Scottish usage:
a) Someone who (sometimes unwittingly) by speech or action demonstrates a lack of knowledge or misconception of a particular subject or situation to the amusement of others.

b) A good humoured admonition, a term of endearment

c) A reckless, absent minded or unwise person
a) “No. That wisnae wit she meant, ya big numpty!”

b) i.e. “Silly billy”, “You big dafty”

c) “That numpty’s driving with no lights on!”

So it’s like being ‘daft.’ I always got a kick out of Scotty (James Doohan) on Star Trek saying “are ya daft, man???” ROFL!!!:bigsmile: