Woman Sells Pics Of Her Kids in Bath on eBay

I was reading about this in the paper on the way to college and tbh i couldnt believe how somebody could do this, i guess its just part of the sick world we live in :frowning: , showed the article to a mate of mine and he couldnt even bare to read it.

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A woman who auctioned photographs of her children in the bath to help pay for a holiday has defended her actions.

The American mother of four said she did not imagine it would cause a fuss.

Sara Fox, who lives in Ballymena, raised £5.50 in an eBay auction to fund a family holiday to the United States before the pictures were withdrawn.

“Mothers allow babies to model nappies, bathtime products and baby foods where there is more showing, and nobody takes offence with that,” she said.

"I respect people’s rights to do what they want, but I maintain I wasn’t doing wrong showing anything of my children which you can’t see in a photograph on a child’s bottle, a packet of nappies or whatever.

“The woman who bought the pictures didn’t even want them. She did so because she sympathised with my plight - £5.50 isn’t going to get me very far and the way it’s looking, I’ll probably not make it back home.”

One of the photographs showed her 11-month old daughter naked in the bath with her young brother and sister.


The 24-year-old said that with her husband due to lose his job, the auction was an attempt to fund a holiday back to her home state of Wisconsin where a fourth child, her seven-year-old daughter, lives.

Mrs Fox said that she had acted out of “desperation” and that the image she chose was to illustrate that three of the children were together while her daughter in the US “is basically by herself”.

Mrs Fox sold the pictures on eBay
She said it never occurred to her that paedophiles might access the site. “Maybe that’s my shortfall, maybe that’s my ignorance,” she said.

"Nothing clicked in me. A kid in a bathtub is a kid in a bathtub. You see them on TV and that’s okay. What I was doing was personal, but I did take the pictures off the sale.

"If I had put more thought into it; if I had put more thought into the photographs I was posting… obviously it was the bathtub one which put everybody off. When I put them on, I never thought in those terms.

“I was thinking: `My kids look absolutely beautiful and they’re together’. I couldn’t see how people could take such offence and I still maintain they still show them better than those who advertise baby products.”

In a statement eBay said it had ended the listing because it breached its policies.

“As usual, our community was extremely vigilant alerting us to this listing which resulted in a swift removal of this listing from the site,” it said.

Unbelievable, very sad.

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I read the topic as “Woman sells pieces of her kids on ebay” and I was relieved that it wasnt THAT bad :smiley:
Anyhoo thats a strange mother


That’s kind of sick. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Surely there was another way to earn money for the trip. That’s too extreme, but at least it was ‘canned’ and stopped.

Airhead, you better be careful: she might try to patent porkchops before you! :iagree: :bigsmile: LOL