Woman kicked out of bar for NOT drinking



From Ananova :


A US woman has been kicked out of a bar for not drinking.

Karen Ellis was asked to leave a karaoke night she regularly attends with friends.

Bar owner Jim Wong says he has bills to pay and can't let someone go to the bar to just drink a Pepsi all night.

Ellis, a 30-year-old production control manager from Salem, New Hampshire, was approached by Wong and asked to leave as she went to meet her friends in the bar.

"He walked toward me and said he wanted to talk to me. He said he saw me coming here all the time and just drinking Pepsi. He said he needed to pay his DJ and couldn't afford to do that if regular customers didn't buy alcoholic drinks. He told me to leave," Ellis told The Telegraph.

"I told him I was expected in the bar. He told me I had 15 minutes to tell my friends my situation and then I had to leave. I sat down, my friends bought me a soda and my other friend gave me her keys because she had a half of a Mike's Hard Lemonade and was already feeling hammered.

"After 15 minutes, Mr Wong came over and told me I had to leave. I told him that I had to drive my friend home. He said to leave and come back later to pick her up."

Ms Ellis and some of her friends then left in protest.

Mr Wong said: "I have a business to run. I pay the DJ $200 I cant let someone come here all the time and just drink a soda all night and then dance and do karaoke. I think designated drivers are good, but when a person needs a ride, they can call their friend at home and their friend can pick them up."

Ellis added: "Oh well. This is a first for me. I've never been kicked out of a bar before and I certainly have never been kicked out of anywhere for NOT drinking."



Now ain that some crap…

but i can understand, Bar owners are open for business because lots of people like to drink different types of alcoholic things.
If someone does get asked to leave a bar for not drinking alchol or something to that effect, then they should not really be offended. The bars are out to make one thing - MoneY!!!


Fine and when a designated driver is not available because some irresponsible bar owner asked them to leave, and a drunk gets into a vehicle and runs into your family will you feel the same way???
I think I would call his suppliers and let them know that an owner does not support their drink responsibly campaign…


If i owned a bar / reseraunt i would want as many people in the place as posible…people attract people…its a popular marketing strategy. you hire 50 people to hang around and look interested and others will think they are missing out and join.

obviously mr wong was wrong.

who cares if 10 in 100 people only spend 5$ the whole night…those 10 people just brought in 3 friends each, thats 30 people, who could spend 50 - 100$ each.

im assuming thats in america…im just waiting for tomorrow when mr wong is sued for discrimination and has to pay out $16mill.



How can people sing (if you can karaoke acutal singing , but that’s a personal opinion that karaoke sucks big time) and drink at the same time.

So if Mr. Wong would fire the dj , put in a linux pc with winamp (xmms) on it he could have a free jukebox and let people dance on 80/90’s music. If they’re drunk enough they’ll start singing eventually :slight_smile:


From an conomic principle the following:

As soon as the DJ is hired and has to be paid according to the agreement signed by both parties (written or verbal, both apply), these costs are so-called sunk costs.

When the bar is not full and can serve more customers still, it would not matter if one (or all for that matter) would actually spend 2 dollar a night or 200. The only thing it matters for is variable costs (costs of every drink sold).

Only when there can fit 50 people in the bar, there are ten people waiting outside to get in because it is full and 1 or more people of those 50 inside do not consume as much as the same amount of people who are waiting outside would do, only then he would be better off kicking that one (or more) person(s) out that do not consume enough in the eyes of the manager.

Kicking that person out when it really does not matter much, it would create negative publicity and end up doing more damage than leaving that person be drinking her Pepsi (why even serve pepsi, Coca Cola is so much beter :wink: ).

I can imagine the manager kicking people out who advocate the non-drinking policy. When you have people saying “Hey, this is a nice bar, you don’t have to drink anything and you still get good music for free”, then I can also imagine people being kicked out.

But this woman drank beverages, albeit non-alcoholic ones. This would mean he’d kick me out of the bar as well, since I do not drink alcohol. I’d love to see him try to convince me of his line of reasoning :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


Ok now there are opinions about this.

I would ask someone to leave a bar if I was the owner, BUT I WOULD NOT ASK the designated driver to leave. I know from the previous post it looks I would, but not the driver. I have lost friends and family because of somebody tipping to much back and driving home drunk as heck.


It seems simple enough. Jim Wong can just raise the price of Pepsi so the profit margin is the same as for alcohol… DUH!


Originally posted by cloakdoa
The bars are out to make one thing - MoneY!!!

And most important to make sure I get drunk :slight_smile:


If Jim Wong will raise the price of pepsi, I would start bringing my own soda and food! HAHAHA! LOL!!!


Maybe it was a “Ladies only” night but he didn’t want women in his bar :slight_smile:

That could save him lots of money.

Also he could use some computers in his bar to double the profits - imagine people drinking and playing Unreal and Counterstrike - that would be something!


Originally posted by The_Judas
[B]Maybe it was a “Ladies only” night but he didn’t want women in his bar :slight_smile:

That could save him lots of money.

Also he could use some computers in his bar to double the profits - imagine people drinking and playing Unreal and Counterstrike - that would be something! [/B]

I’d participate in a drunk Unreal contest ! Would be pretty cool to watch as well :slight_smile:


People obviously are taking the wrong side on this case because only one view has been provided.

Probably this chick shouldn’t have been asked to leave, but she seemed like a real cheap one.

Even in that story her FRIEND bought the pepsi. It appears that this person is a “regular” and that the owner is aware of what is going on…and when you buy ONE pepsi and let it sit in front of you all night while you sing away bad songs of the 70’s and 80’s, the owner gets NOTHING. This is definitely going to make someone upset enough to ask the person to leave. Her friends may be doing the same thing and he just approached one to get rid of the whole lot who does the same thing. It doesn’t appear that she was a designated driver as much as she claimed to be or people think she is (She arrived in a SEPERATE CAR!!! People don’t do this and leave their car parked at some misc. parking lot all night).

If I was the owner and some group came in and bought one round of drinks and proceeded to hog a table spot all night long…Yes, I’d ask them to leave as well. It’s a situational thing. It’s unlikely there are 100 tables otherwise this would not be an issue.