Woman hit with $220,000 fine for file sharing plans fighting back

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Jammie Thomas, a Minnesota woman has been found guilty of illegally download music and ordered to pay $220,000 in fines between six record companies a few days ago. Now she plans to…

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Serves her right for using crappy public apps/sites!!! Hope she wins though as it will be a kick in the nuts for the RIAA

I honestly couldn’t believe it when I heard the judge ruled that making anything available for distribution constituted infringement. I can only pray that a judge with a brain will hear this appeal.

This just proves that the RIAA is just a conglomerate of beggars trying to make themselves rich off of poor people. I consider the RIAA stupid in the sense that they make no differentiation between people that really make large profits from that which they download and those that do not. It is the big fish that they should go after instead of waisting the tax payers money on court proceedings aimed only at terrorizing the public at large and making simple people feel guilty for enjoying entertainment. They should be thankful that people even accept entertainment instead of harassing them. Can you imagine what would happen if just for one month everyone in the world would boycott music and any computer media that it is saved on to protest against making downloading illegal? How many companies would crumble and how many heads would roll? The fact that they use the punishment principal instead of rewarding people that even bother to dish out money for their crappy entertainment shows that they are not intelligent enough to find better solutions. Instead of making it illegal they should make it a law that all peer to peer networks have to add commercials to anything that people download for free. TV is paid for by commercials and the same should go for the downloading industry. Those people which the RIAA can prove have profited largely from what they downloaded without paying taxes or the music industry, by selling music or videos should be penalized for at the very least a minimum of 75% of what they earned and either be forced to work together with the music industry or forfeit everything that they used for the pirating directly to the music industry. It is just like bootlegging alcohol in the prohibition days. Instead of destroying the distilleries, they could have been integrated into the legal market. My motto: Integrate rather than be destructive. Why put hackers or pirates in jail if you can get them to work with you? It makes no sense to fill jails with people that just want to make some decent money and making things illegal just makes everything go underground and get worse.

I don’t like this because she said she wasn’t sharing files, and it is possible to use an IP number that belongs to someone else. So that we may never know, but if she was sharing files it is not just the RIAA’s greed that is the problem. It would be another case of the evil RIAA, yet everyone still has got to have that file. They just got to have that music. Just cannot live without it because they are greedy too. Just like in the movies where the devil gives you crap for your soul. They know the devil is evil, they know what is going to happen to them, but the devil promises to give them whatever prideful, materialistic thing they want. Then when he comes to collect they scream and cry, then we all learn an important moral lesson. Until of course the sequel comes out. Just give me my guitar, and I will make my own music. I don’t need no dealings with the devil.
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Does anybody feel the urge to buy music from these people?

RIAA shot themselves in the foot here. The only thing that they have earned is the hatred of the consumers which I think is going to rise after this suit. I’m not justifying the woman (if she shared the files), since it is illegal. But the RIAA could have managed it much better by asking for a reasonable punishment. I’m sure that if she had to pay $2000 it would be painfull for her but would not cause such a negative attention to RIAA. They have literally ruined a woman’s life because of a few damn songs. Well, this is what you do when you don’t have real criminals anymore…

@yronnen But the RIAA could have managed it much better by asking for a reasonable punishment. I’m sure that if she had to pay $2000 it would be painfull for her but would not cause such a negative attention to RIAA. The RIAA DOES ask for a lower amount. Usually in the range of 2000 to 5000 dollars depending on the infraction (amount of files). SHE was the IDIOT that decided to take it to a higher court where the punishments go up exponentially. While $220,000.00 is a bit excessive, this is what happens when you turn down the ‘proverbial plea bargain’ even though that’s not what the RIAA gives a person. She should have bit the bullet and paid. She was guilty and she needs to face the music for her actions.