WMV to mpeg with TMPGEnc problem

Hi group,
I posted questions re mpg to dvd and got all the info I needed. Now I find that the videos I want to put on a dvd are *.wmv types. I searched and found a thread “wmv to dvd” and it said use TMPGEnc. I downloaded a trial version and I am lost. It did accept the wmv files as input and implied it was making mpeg files but all I got after its trancoding was a project file, no mpgs.

I am very new to this stuff and am lost. Will the trial version of TMPGEnc really make mpeg files from the wmv files it apparently accepted? If so what do I have to do? I searched its help for wmv with no hits. I need to know where to look in its help files.

Thanks in advance,
Larry Costa
Colorado USA

Hi again! Answered my own question. All I had to do was follow the right sequence of steps! You can close this thead.
Larry in Colorado