i am new to the forum, i am trying to convert 2 wmv files to dvd the files are 900,000 kb’s each.
using nerovision express it says it will take 7 hours to burn to hard drive.
is there anything i can do to reduce this time.

many thanks

Hi and Welcome!

your WMA files have to be converted into MPEG2 (this is the format used for video DVD). This conversion takes a lot of time, depending on the quality you want for the output and of course on the power of your computer.


I doubt NVE tells you “burn to hard drive”. Burning something only applies to cd and dvd media, transcoding or converting is what NVE does.

Since I don’t know where those 2 WMV files came from, it’s maybe easier to use the original sources and convert them to dvd…

the files i downloaded are only in the wmv format, the 7 hours seemed along time but from what you are saying it must be right.