Wmv to dvd

hi, everyone new to this so need some help. i joined a film club were i can download them ,i dont have a problem after downloaded. but can only watch them on my pc is there any way you can convert these mwv files and watch them on dvd, burnt them on a dvd but the dvd player wont play it.i know that a wmv file is smaller but any way to convert many thanks.

You can use DVD Santa it converts most formats to DVD in a few clicks. Very simple to use, give it a try and you will think all your Christmases came at once ! :slight_smile:

yep ^ is right on, and it convert with great quality, but doesnt create menus. For that you would need nero 7 ultra edition

wmv to dvd
I commend WinAVI video converter,it can do that perfectly.You can visit this to know details:
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used winavi video converter but when i add file to convert it, says access denied violation at address so and so.

Just give more info. What kind of “club” is that?
If you are allowed to download copyrighted content like movies legally, they normally come with copy protections and DRM!

it’s called totalvid.com, like i say any file i download plays great on the pc but it would be nice to transfer it some how on to dvd.

You can email to support@winavi.com,they can help you. :smiley:

have you been able to put totalvid on dvd yet? I am looking to do the same.

[B]You cannot and are not allowed too.[/B]


can you post the whole error message? In which module it said?

Are you saying that you are not allowed to download those files from that site, or just not allowed to convert them on to a DVD? I am fully aware of the law regarding copyright material just not sure how it apllies here. I took a look at the site. It seems legit to me, although I am not really sure how it works. I know it is not a p2p site. Does it mean you can only watch them on your computer?
In answer to the original question. convertxtodvd is a truly wonderful program for converting all types of files. Very quick as well. Obviously the legality aspect should be checked out before implementing.

These files are protected, that’s why you cannot convert them of course.