WMV to DVD using Nero?

Which portion of Nero do i use to get some wmv clips onto a dvd and have usable in my dvd players. I seem to only be able to make video cds and those do not hold enough info. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :bow:

Nerovision is the program to use. Click on make DVD and then add files.

Nero will not convert wmv files until it is fully updated from the nero website and then it is among the best out there for the job.

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You have responded to a thread that is nearly 3 years old and I suspect the original poster’s questions was answered.

The most current version NV5 supports what the original poster was interested in. I cannot respond to earlier versions as I do not have them installed.

where can i get nero vision 5?

[quote=rxblitzrx;2145501]where can i get nero vision 5?[/quote]www.nero.com