Wmv to dvd converter?

I need a wmv to dvd converter, my power2Go program on my Gateway computer (came free with the computer) stopped working and it used to convert wmv to dvd and burn them too.

I have ashampoo studio 5, I can burn with that, but they have to be a DVD file. I will not convert a wmv into a DVD like the Power2Go program did.

So is there any free wmv to DVD program converter out there that anyone can recommend? Thanks

SUPER is a free encoder that can handle wmv files. You can download it at the bottom of this page:

Edit: Looks like they don’t like direct links to the download page. They make you wade through some propaganda first. You’ll have to hit download on the first few pages before you get to the real download area. Small price to pay to get a free program I guess.

just look on top of this thread page for your wanted converter:


Check Sourceforge for MediaCoder

Try to use this:http://www.winavi.com/wmv-converter.htm :smiley:

I have download one at http://www.oursdownload.com/convert-burn-video-to-VCD-DVD-SVCD-MPEG1-MPEG2.html , it is wonderful .