WMV Stutters in DVD Fab to Mobile + Many questions



OK, so I’m trying out DVDFab and VideoFab before I purchase to see if it does what I need.

My main purpose is to backup my DVD’s and Covert existing backups to my HP Homeserver to watch on my Xbox 360.

With that said, Divx seems to be the best format and so far have no problems ripping/coverting to that format.

But when I rip a dvd to xbox setting using WMV, I get artifacts and stutters and the video usually stops after 10 mins or so. (This happens on the Xbox and via local copy of wmv on my PC).

So, is there something I’m doing wrong? Should I even bother with WMV’s? ie what does WMV get me over divx? Do either codex support 1080p w/5.1 audio (VideoFab question). If I have a Bluray backup to mkv h.264 5.1 audio, what’s the “best” way to convert that for Xbox 360 viewing?

Question/suggestion: Why is WMV the only “format” under Xbox 360 to mobile option? Shouldn’t there be a divx option as well?

Last one: What is the difference between “audio copy” and “mp3” on the Generic DivX avi profiles? (sorry, couldn’t find the answer searching and the “tutorial” seems to be a little outdated and didn’t cover all the codex/options"


Audio copy maintains the Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack whereas the MP3 transcodes the audio to MP3 stereo.


[QUOTE=GregiBoy;2170583]Audio copy maintains the Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack whereas the MP3 transcodes the audio to MP3 stereo.[/QUOTE]

Ahh, sweet. So if I encode in divx + audiocopy, that is just as good or better than WMV?

Also, why is a mkv h.264 so much larger? I re-encoded Transformers from a blu-ray backup, the mkv was 12gb, and the divx came out as only 5gb. Am I loosing a lot of quality somewhere? I can’t imagine divx is that much better at compression.

Outside of menus and such, just exactly why is h.264 mkv such a popular format?


If you encode in xvid+audiocopy I have just found out that the Zune software will not play these AVI files (no support), and you will be required to use WMP to share these files to your 360.

Just FYI.