WMV problem

I’m having a problem with WMV videos, whenever I play them I get a pink and turquoise color. AVIs and other video files work fine. It also works fine with Media Player Classic, it’s just Windows Media Player 9

I’m using Windows XP SP2 and FFDshow as my codec for Xvid and Divx etc. etc.

stick to mp classic, get rid of mp 9, it’s way too bloated and a resource hog. try zoomplayer instead. p.

but see the streaming media is also like that even on Media Player Classic

I’m guessing you have an ATI video card with recent CATALYST drivers. If so, right-click your desktop, choose Properties, click the Settings tab, click the Advanced button, click the Options tab, and deselect “WMV Acceleration.” You might have to reboot.

It was a pain in the butt figuring that one out on my own machine. I really just stumbled upon the solution.

If Media Player Classic working use it, its better alternative to WMP witch is consuming more ram, starting slower, and look dum, ofkorz + bugs

I fixed it by updating the Windows Media Codec files…I got it from Microsoft

I’m just adding my followup since somebody might have a similar problem and search for it

Thanks for all the help!