WMV movie audio out of Sync problem with convertxtodvd URGENT HELP




i have downloaded a movie with was in WMV format which i converted to dvd using ConvertXtodvd. Now when i watched it on my dvd player the audio is out of sync. The audio is much slower, it started out fine to start with and ended up shocking.



Check you frame rates.


what does that mean?


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well im very confused with this site and i need help with the dvd



You may need to change the audio output setting.


You can examine the .wmv file with Gspot video utility or MediaInfo to find the specifications of the file if you want to know the framerate…I don’t use ConvertX, so I don’t know what kind of fine control there is available to adjust encoding settings.

To fix the dvd you have now may or may not be possible. One tool that sometimes works with audio sync problems is the QuickStream Fix tool in VideoReDo. This is not a free program, but there is a fully functional trial available for download. VideoReDo TV Suite should be able to import and export a complete dvd.


[QUOTE=jlh870;2181227]well im very confused with this site and i need help with the dvd[/QUOTE]
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Depending on which version you’re using, this was a bug in the program. This is from the release notes on the website:

ConvertXtoDVD -

Interface fixes (save windows position and state)
Some audio out of sync fixes


  • 0002294: [Feature Request] Option to save window size/positioning (wesson) - resolved.

  • 0002276: [Bug] Window sizes and location not saved in registry (wesson) - resolved.

  • 0002367: [Bug] Checkboxes not visible with Eos theme (wesson) - resolved.

  • 0002369: [Bug] Burner Selection under Settings (wesson) - resolved.

  • 0002402: [Bug] V84. Manual entered value at crop/pad at window resize method not correct when first char. is odd (1, 3, 5, 7 ,9) (wesson) - resolved.

  • 0002405: [Feature Request] add pop up ‘thanks for registering’ (wesson) - resolved.

  • 0002391: [Bug] Out of sync on audio with some FLV movie file (wesson) - resolved.
    [B]- 0002390: [Bug] Out of sync on audio with some WMV files (wesson) - resolved.[/B]

  • 0002243: [Bug] Some MPEG Files makes convertxtodvd non responding, at the beginning of the conversion. (wesson) - resolved.

  • 0002399: [Crash] memory error loop during conversion (wesson) - resolved.

  • 0002400: [Bug] v3.2.5.84 ßeta: Settings does not keep our burner choice. (wesson) - resolved.

  • 0002401: [Suggestion] Fix the column width for the log window (wesson) - resolved.

  • Include Burning SDK 3.1

It could be you’re not using the latest version, the latest one is, or maybe there is still a bug somewhere that they haven’t caught.