WMV Help neeeded!

Hey all,

I am new to this site, so I was wondering if you guys can help me out.

I am simply trying to encode a DVD(mpeg2) to WMV format. I managed to encode it using TMPGENC4Xpress software, the software gives me very good picture quality results. However occasionaly, sometimes in the finished WMV file the audio is out of sync with the video, this is not constant, it is gradual as the movie plays along.

Can anyone let me know of any software which I can use to fix the problem.


When you encoded in TMPGENC, what settings/properties did you set for the video and audio?

These were the settings I used:

Video - 750kbps Windows Media Video 9 (1 PASS CBR) [704x480] 29.9fps
Audio - 48kbps Windows Audio 9.2 (1 PASS CBR) 32kHz stereo CBR

Do you really mean 704 x 480, or is it 740 x 480? There are numerous things that can affect sync. One is the audio format. Another is media.

Sorry, What I meant was 740x480.

The quality of the encoded video is very good. its just that after 1.5hrs duration the video starts to lag behind the audio…can this be fixed if i changed the frequencey 32kHz to something higher…or should it be lower?

The Hertz doesn’t make the video lag, it would be if you had the kbps wrong. You might try changing the audio to ac 3 and see if that helps.

Audio codecs can be tricky to work with. Like the above guy said, AC-3 could fix the problem, or you could also try encoding into .mp3, but I don’t know if 4Xpress supports that option, and you’d need lame_enc.dll in order to encode audio correctly.

I cant actually change the audio encode format since TMPGENC xPRess doesnt give you that option.

Also I have ran into another problem…I have just reinstalled windows vista and I have hence reinstalled TMPGENC XPress v4, the problem I am now having is that previously a movie encoded with the settings mentioned in my previous post only took 6 hours but now for some reason if I try and encode the same movie with the same settings…I get 16 hours???

Can anyone tell me why this is happening?