Wmv files

Hi, I really need some help on this. I have used Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements to create a dvd. I made a slideshow with music. The dvd plays on the computer but not on the dvd player for my tv. It just says “disc error” on the dvd player. Do I need to get Nero 9 to convert wmv to mpeg? Is this the best way to go? I mainly want to view my slideshows on tv. Thanks.

Try AVStoDVD or DVD Flick.
Both are free.

Hi, again, I downloaded DVD Flick, and it said, “not a valid dvd flick project file.” Is this program just to be used for movies? All I am trying to do is use my photos in slideshows with music added and put it to dvd to be able to watch on tv. I can already watch it on computer, but I want to be able to watch on tv. Will Nero 9 take care of this conversion? My slideshows are wmv files. I was told I needed to convert to mpeg. Is that correct? Thanks, again.

Nero can make a slideshow that can be burned to DVD.