WMV-AVI Conversion Problems

I have a couple of wmv files that I want to convert to avi and the apply a logo. I have winavi and virtualdub with the logo filter and divx 6.2.2. Now, I convert wmv to avi using winavi (i tried with older version of vdub 1.3c but they wont open) using the divx home theatre profile with default settings except bitrate set to 300. They convert fine. The problem appears when applying the logo. In virtual dub I must use full processing mode to be able to apply a filter and direct strem copy for audio. The result is another avi file with the logo applied, BUT video is screwed. It begins in slo-motion, then goes quickly for a few seconds, then slo-motion and so on. I thought it was a filter problem so I tried without the filter. Same problem. I tried recompressing the avi files with xvid. Same problem. I’ve been doing it all night and I’m going crazy. I can’t understand why this happens and how should I solve it. I even tried converting wmv to mpg and mpg to avi using either divx or xvid. The final avi files had the same problem. If anyone can explain me what’s the problem, I’d be very grateful. Thanks

wmv with DRM??

i dont really know that…could be…how do i check? it didn’t require me to download any license or smthing to begin playing. while playing the wmv files with MP10, if i go to properties/license the tab is empty. i don’t think they have DRM. is there any other way to check for that?

Maybe you could analyze it with GSpot.

GSpot says Video Src Type WMV3 and Audio Src WMAudioV2. File is ASF (WMA/WMV). It doesn’t list any codecs since it doesn’t support this format. All other fields have n.a.

hello IQ0 :disagree:

you could try opening your .wmv with avisynth. download it and make an .avs file , and write a line like this:

DirectShowSource(“path to your .vmw file”)
you can save this file anyware.

open the .avs file with virtualdub
add the filters you need. i strongly recommend you to use xvid instead of divx, with 2 pass enconding.

good luck!

also, you don’t have to let the audio to direct stream copy. select full processing from audio menu, and compress it with lame. 128kb/sec should be a good choise.
if you can’t see lame codec on audio codecs list, install it first.
( http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Audio/Audio-CD-Rippers-Encoders/LAME-ACM-Codec.shtml - read the install instruction first )

and that’s it.

lame didn’t work. virtual dub crashes when choosing audio compression, so i had to uninstall it. regarding video, i like divx more cuz it’s more user friendly. all those presets from xvid don’t mean anything to me. i tried with a small wmv file and what i like about it is that i can apply the filter and convert to avi in the same time. with a small test file everything was ok. i will try with the big files now. thanks

it did’t work with the big file. audio still desync (i tried with divx and xvid). i guess it just doesn’t work, so i’ll have to give up. thanks anyway.

this doesn’t make sense
you want to put your logo on someone elses file?
oh…you gave up

yeah…i gave up…anyway, spinicrus found a solution by converting them to h264/aac and it worked. yes, you might say they were someone elses files, but the distribution was free. i just wanted to logo them so others wouldnt use my copy and make them figure out how to get their own free copies. less competition :smiley:

kinda like a free download?