WMV and sound cards

Hi All

I hope I am in the right forum if not please pass to the correct one

I Purchased a DVD called Amazing Caves, it came with a bonus disc which has High definition WMV files on it,
all of which play fine except for the main title tracks
It seems that these files have DRM on them and do not like my sound card
I have tried the AC97 built in sound card and a plug in Sound Blaster live sound card but it does not make any difference

I get an error message C00D11B1 while using Windows Media Player
“Your sound device, such as a sound card or sound controller, requires an updated driver”

Is there an approved sound card that will allow me to play the 2 files called
“AmazingCaves720.WMV” and “AmazingCaves1080.WMV” each about 2.5Gb,
on my computer as I hope to obtain a HDMI video card and connect the PC to my Sony HDTV

any help gratefully accepted


Tried windows update? Under the hardware updates section

Yes and Audio cards support sites and microsoft support site and downloaded several extra Codecs to see if that was the problem
but all to no avail

Damn DRM! how do these people expect to keep their customers if all they do is make it harder to use the product which you have bought and paid for
One would think they want you to break it so they can come and sue you

Hi again

The manufacturer of the Motherboard has replied to me with a suggestion that I install the Beta DTS drivers for this AD1988 chip on the motherboard
even provided a link so that I could download the 29Mb file without looking on their website

However even though the file says its for the same chip as the original driver supplied by MS when trying to install the “Updated driver” an error message pops up “The audio files do not support your hardware.”

Great news what?


Next step folks

The manufacturer of my Motherboard want to use me as a alpha tester
for a driver never released before

Dear sir/madam,

I will use my personal mailbox “@.***” to send you the audio driver. Please download to use and have a test.


**** Customer Service Center(China)

is this service or desperation


Well folks

the Alpha driver did not solve the problem either
and of course microsoft don’t want to help either

I guess my recomendation for those wanting to play with WMV-HD files is DONT bother

unless you can find a DRM remover and Tunebite wont touch this one


Vista saves the day

The time had come to install a new OS. so money was spent, and the hard disk was reformatted then the installation was done,
I now have Vista Business installed on the PC, and guess what?
The DRM WMV files play perfectly in vista on the same hardware that refused to do so in winXP pro

what can I say obviously the people who wrote the sound card drivers for Vista did a better job than the XP writers

Problem Solved

Regards Bernie