WMP12 hangs when I choose Close Captions at DVD Playback



I am using a Dell Dimension 3100 with an Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz with 2GB RAM. Also, I am running Windows 7. I am currently using WMP 12 to play DVDs and AnyDVD to help Iplay DVDs I buy when travelling. Recently, in England, I just bought a Star Trek: First Contact DVD.

When I put it in my computer, for some reason, I tried to put close captions. I didn’t know it was there to begin with, so I tried to see what it was like. Then that’s where the bad news starts: the computer hangs. It is not responsive when I move the mouse, it just freezes. I had to try it many times to realise that was the problem. Other than that WMP12 is working fine.

I have no problem against using it despite the problem, but I would like to know why it is like that. Can it be that the Dell hardware is getting old (i.e. it’s 10 years old coming 2016), or is it a software problem? There was no blue screen error so I cannot determine what the error type is; I’m sorry.

Also, on occassion, when I try to resize the window, it hangs as well. Again, no blue screen error, just a freeze. The computer/Windows 7 doesn’t even have the courtesy to tell me what the error is!

If you have the time, please look up where the problem is and I will be very grateful.


That is the worst software to play a DVD with you should first try VLC that is free and more then capable of playing DVD but not BD movies. Also this isn’t a Windows Support help ticket forum that requires you contact Microsoft support to fix any WMP problems your having.




Pish posh, we can still try to help you.

I do suggest trying VLC. Do you have any success?

And do you have a version of Windows 7 which includes Windows Media Center? Does it too hang?

As for the general hanging: are all the drivers up-to-date? Do you have the luxury of trying a fresh Windows installation to see if it’s merely some software crud that’s accumulated over time?


I changed the drivers.

My computer 's graphics capability was embedded on the motherboard, in this case, 82915G.

I went to the Intel website, not the Dell one, and downloaded the version and everything was done like dinner.

Thanks for the solution, Albert.


No you don’t need to apologies it’s that WMP isn’t very good at interfacing to play DVD movies.


To answer Albert’s question about VLC, yes, I use it, but I use it in GNU/Linux.

See, I dual-boot Windows 7 with Linux Mint so that I can test different programs. I find VLC to be an equal of WMP12 before it being castrated of all DVD functions in Windows 8.

That WMP12 is not what I call an equal of VLC.