WMP11 with MTV Urge will give tough competition for iTunes



I just posted the article WMP11 with MTV Urge will give tough competition for iTunes.

           Since  Apple's iTunes music service first dominated the music download service market,  so far no one has succeeded in making much of a dent, even with services such as  Yahoo Inc. and...
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they will offer unlimited downloading for $9.95 a month or $14.95 a month with portable player support So you will have to pay $5 extra for copying your files onto your portable mp3 player? That’s grand.


If the integration of WMP in windows warrant antitrust investigation case, how about the inclusion of another binding service in an major windows component would implies? :wink: Do we have to face the fact that MJ music albums would be included when you buy a windows product, in that sense of propagation, LOL.


I disagree with the above headline. The Urge service has some REALLY nasty clauses in its EULA that allow MS/MTV to alter your software at any time they choose, without your consent (well, apparently, you consented with the EULA, but it’s in tiny type several pages in). It gives them a lot of freedom over what they can do with your computer. Just knowing it was backed by MTV was enough that I’d never want it. It’s also not nearly as portable as iTunes. If I were Apple, I’d look at this as a potential PR goldmine for ITMS.