WMP11: Remove gaps in CD tracks (sort of)



:confused: Typically, CD-R’s hold about 700M or 80 minutes of burned-from-CD selections. I have a Playlist which (according to Windows Media Player 11) is 73 minutes long, with 21 tracks. I rip at 50 to 95 Kbps; crossfading was 0.3 seconds; burn rate was converted to 64 Kbps* - yet when in Burn Mode, last track keeps rolling over to “second” disc. How can this be with 6.5 minutes left on disc?! That formulates to 18 seconds between tracks! (I never hear this happen at all - in anything I’ve ever ripped & burned. Just seems impossible.

*Perhaps I can only go lower on Burn rate (conversion) than Rip rate? (I tried that too - no luck.)

Everybody keeps talking up Winamp. Is this the answer to trackless or minimized gaps? Can Winamp do this in its FREE download version?


It will vary between brands of cd’s and the burning program you are using. Other programs you may want to try are BURN, IMGBURN, EAC…