WMP10 Lost Audio

I have a strange issue with WMP10 which I have had installed without problem for several months - until recently that is.

For some reason, WMP10 has stopped playing audio on DVD’s played in my LG GSA 4163B DVD Rom/Burner. Video is fine. WMP10 will play audio CD’s no problem. Strangely, I can play DVD’s no problem with PowerDVD on my PC.

I can’t think of anything that may have caused this. I did upgrade to DirectX9 [from 8] a short time back but can’t say if that is when the problem started.

I rolled back to WMP9 - no change. Reinstalled v10 - still no change

All suggestions gratefully welcomed to get WMP10 back up and running.



You might try one of these forums

No Luck.

Can anyone assist please?

So DVDs play fine via PowerDVD but not WMP?

I really don’t have any idea where to start troubleshooting (other than what you’ve done already), but if PowerDVD plays them fine I’d just stick with it.

WMP is just no real dvd player software.