WMP10 - How do I disable "converting" when burning an audio CD?

I know it needs to decompress mp3 files to wav but most programs do this on the fly as the CD is burnt thus saving a lot of time. I’m not sure if WMP10 is doing more than just decompressing but for some reason WMP10 sits there and “converts” every file in the list one by one until before it’s willing to start burning.

Does anyone know how to disable that crap or make it just “convert” on the fly?

AFAIK it can’t do this; I just skipped through the setings and I can’t find anything.

Personally, I think that Papayatech Tunespark is a perfect tool for doing MP3 to WAV conversions. Maybe you can give that one a try; it’s 100% free!

Can’t you just use Nero Burning Rom for burning MP3 to Audio CD on the fly?