WMP10 Annoying thing



Does anyone know how to change the short list of playlists showed in the Add To context menu to which ever playlist u want? I think it seems stuck on the first 10 playlists you made which is very annoying.

Help welcome.



Why are you even using WMP? It’s junk!!


its not as bad as ppl go on about. besides, i haven’t given any other programs the time to get used to.

Do you have a specific suggestion to a really good app (excl. winamp)


Real Player for an “all in one” app, DVD/CD and MP3, it’s actually like WMP except no DRM also WMP tends to play everything too low. http://www.real.com/

I use seperate apps for everything, aside from Winamp or Real Player.

For DVD I use Power DVD, for CD & MP3s I use Music Match Jukebox OR Winamp and for mp3 ripping I use EAC.


wow, recommending Real as a sub for WMP…both are terrible. use winamp, bsplayer or foobar2000 for mp3s. windvd for dvds. EAC for ripping.


Why not give freeware and open source a try?
Windows Media Player Classic
You may want to look for free k-lite codec distribution pack, the distribution has this product in the install, and it is easier not to bother with separate codecs.


Yep Real is pretty crappy too, everyone hates the RM format which always had shitty compression but he asked besides Winamp, sure I like Winamp over real.

WinDVD is also a great app, probably is the best DVD player though Power is good enough since personally I don’t watch DVDs on my PC (I prefer my HDTV Progressive Scan).

True about open source it is probably the best way to go.


Please guys don’t tell me which dvd player to use etc - i am after a decent mp3 player. I have used winamp be4, and was not overly imppressed, although it doesn;t seem 2 have much decent competition. It is probably better than wmp, but doesn’t look as slick.

Real player ? how could i forget about that top app (please don;t tell me you cant tell that’s ironic! ). @ hqs - get Real alternative for streaming !

Eac & lame - thats assumed for ripping

BTW is there anyone who knows how to sort out the problem in the first post?


winamp is exponentially better than wmp for so many reasons (plugins for one). doesn’t look as slick? the skins (and support for them) on winamp is also exponentially better than wmp.

give foobar2000 a try: http://www.foobar2000.org/

since i don’t even have wmp installed on my systems, im sorry i can’t help with your initial question.


Obviously you haven’t used Winamp in a while, it has custom skins and to me WMP looks plain. I don’t care about looks, I care about sound quality, features etc. Fuck what it looks like - though I must say Winamp 5 looks great.

Everyone is telling you to use some other player and not answering your question because no one knows and frankly I don’t even care (I think WMP is a piece of shit)…that’s my 2 cents good luck on your quest.


fact of the matter is that i have been ina state of denial for a while now. Winamp is very much better than WMP, i only wish it could read .wpl files and could do things like autoplaylists.

It must have been that ‘classic’ winamp skin that put me off- if there are any WMP users out there - get your act together !


It’s so funny to read how people “love” wmp…
As for me… I even hardly use windows at all.
For music and video i use Mplayer, it supports the largerst amount of codecs/formats/platforms ever existed , full list here:
and it takes some 3-10 times less memory than wmp.


Have a look at Winamp 5 you won’t hate it, and that supports DRM so maybe it does support .wpl files? Give it a try.


i am using winamp 5 to play my mp3s and WMP to make the playlists at the mo


i actually think the Media Library function of Winamp5 is great. it’s got a built in iPod plugin so no need for iTunes either :wink:


the thing i dont like is that when u make changes to a playlist and you want to save the playlist, you can’t simply ‘save’ but instead you have to ‘save as’ and replace your old playlist.

The other thing is that there seems to be no way of seeing which playlist you are actually listening to, so when you want to save it you don’t know which file to replace!

Does anyone know if you can tell which playlist your listening to, and if there is a better way of editing and saving the playlists?


other than this it is a very good app - a must download. the low cpu usage is particularily nice


I recommend Foobar for MP3, and Winamp 5 for other multimedia.


No answers?

It’s a good app but not invincible

ill give Foobar a try in the mean time


foobar seems ok too, but still wont save changes to a playlist and doesn’t have a ctrl+S easy save option or tell you which playlist is loaded