WMP, MP3 or what for CD's

Hi everyone,
I’ve been searching the posts, but have not found the answer to my question. Hope someone can help. Which is the best format to record cd’s? I want these to play on standard players (car, etc.), so I’m not sure if I should convert my files from what they are (wmp and mp3). Will the mp3 play in a cd player in my car or boombox?

The main reason I ask is I had an incident happen several weeks ago where I recorded about 5 cds using the burner in realone and now they won’t play, not even in realone and when I transfer the files back to my computer they won’t play. It’s driving me nuts because I have wasted those cd’s now and my music files are basically hopeslessly lost.

Sure would appreciate any help. I have winamp, windows media, and easy cd creator (guess I should have used the last :stuck_out_tongue: ).

firstly, not many home or car cd players will play mp3 audio discs, in fact most wont unless it says so on the cd unit somewhere. best thing is to create a standard audio cd that will play on most car/home CD players. the conversion from mp3 to cda should be automatic in the orgram you choose to create the audio cd with. try burnatonce.

ok,i found another program that will do the gapless job easily…and it’s free. should have thought of it sooner, but i have not used it for a looooong time. it’s burnatonce. get it @ http://www.burnatonce.com/. install it. start it. go to settings/device settings. under Write Settings choose the drive you will be using to burn the CD then set the options as in the screenshot below


now go to settings/options. in general you want the below settings if you have aspi installed. if no aspi is installed on your system then keep spti checked


and in audio mastering you want


now apply/ok

now go to mastering/audio cd/add files. choose your audio files and add them to the playlist.


now you can right click on a title, choose track properties, and set any preferences you like, but for now DON’T change a thing.

now click on compile. insert a blank CD into your burner [if you haven’t already] and click on Write.

Just downloaded the program tonight and getting ready to give it a try. I really appreciate it. I was just about at the end of my rope. Now if I can just figure out about the cd’s that I’d recorded.
What gets me is that they won’t even play with the player that I used to burn them with! That’ll learn me dearn me. Spent all them hours downloading those (especially Willy Nelson!) and they’re basically lost.
Again, THANK YOU!!!