Wmp locks-up my computer



I am running xp pro sp2 with wmp v and sometimes when I try to play a cd(burnt or original) it locks my comp … pisses me off something fierce :a what can I do about this?


I’m having a similar problem, I was watching a .wmv clip version (yes the copy that came with XP :slight_smile: )

Anyway, I’ll be watching and all of a sudden it will lock up and keep repeating like a .10 seconds of audio and only a hard reboot fixes it. It’s probably angry that I block it from getting on the internet. I’m on XP Home Edition SP1


WMP versions 9, 10, and 11 lock up every time I try to sync songs to my Sansa c250 media player.

What could be causing this? I have to do a hard boot sometimes to get out of it. Very troublesome.

Could someone give me a clue as to what I need to do to prevent this?


First off make sure you have xp update to SP3 and WMP 11 updated as well. Also to burnselk did you make sure the program you use to sync to your Sansa is the latest program? Sometimes I heard that the program used to sync your portable media player could cause conflicts with WMP. Also to those who have other version of WMP I think it’s time to go to WMP 11 to improve intereface and playback features and usability. Also it would be good if you can post what the exact errors says or screen shot that would go a long way to help diagnosis what is going on and for us to try to create the problem and see what is happening???


Thanks for responding coolcolors…I appreciate your help. I should have said [U]WMP 9, 10, and 11 stops responding[/U]…it doesn’t truly lock up my computer. I tried all versions 9, 10, and 11 and they all stopped responding…and they stopped responding without my Sansa c250 connected, so it’s not the mp3 player that’s causing the problem.

I’m running windows xp home/sp2…will sp3 cause me more problems? I was a bit concerned about that.

I also have itunes loaded on my computer, would that cause any problems?

Should I uninstall the other versions of WMP in add/remove programs before installing other versions?


Here’s the screen shots I just took after a non-reponsive WMP version 9. It becomes non-responsive within about 10 to 15 seconds of opening it.


What other apps do you have installed beside WMP? And do you have like codec installed as well? Looks like there is a conflict in the WMP application with another running application??


I have iTunes and the VLC media player installed as well. Could those two be causing the conflict with WMP?

I have never installed a codec of any type to the best of my knowledge.

What other “apps” might you be referring to?


But I have the same three players (iTunes, VLC Media Player, and WMP) on another computer and WMP 10 works flawlessly on it.


I don’t know how to fix that problem, but I will say if you happen to have VLC on your computer uninstall it.

VLC didn’t work right for me but even worse it screwed up my WMP.

I consider VLC “Malware”, as it corrupted ALL of my stored mp3 files
(including the ones in the recycle bin) and applied “VLC File” Tags to each and every one of them.

Fortunatly they were all backed-up on a disconnected hard drive, but even after uninstalling VLC, my aged but beloved WMP7.1 wouldn’t work, even after uninstalling, rebooting several times and re-installing it.

A fresh copy of WMP9.0 downloaded directly from Microsoft did work, but I’m a bit suspicious of most freeware DVD playing software for this reason.

I also had a bad experience trying to make Nero (I forget which version) coexsist on my previous windows98 system
Again it was the nero install that caused WMP to stop working.
(Nero also screwed up my Roxio)

So neither VLC or Nero can be described as “plays well with others”

Incase you haven’t “Read between the lines” what I’m saying here is that WMP has an excellent user interface, and is an excellent PLAYER (I personally don’t use it for anything else)
but other audio management software SCREWS IT UP.

this is NOT the fault of WMP, but the fault of the other software writers, WMP DOES work with the various Roxio/ECDC programs

I’d be suspicious of OTHER software on your computer, but failing all else go to the Microsoft website and download/reinstall a fresh copy of WMP (I personally recommend 9.0), it’s not like it costs anything to do so…



This is a known issue. At my work, it is happening to nearly everyone… I’m not on the network side, so I don’t know exactly what the problem or fix is. Might check with Microsoft.


[quote=burnselk;2179088]I have iTunes and the VLC media player installed as well. Could those two be causing the conflict with WMP?

I have never installed a codec of any type to the best of my knowledge.

What other “apps” might you be referring to?[/quote]

Forgot, I also had Realplayer on the computer that’s giving me a headache but after I uninstalled it WMP still stops responding after about 20 seconds…and has to be ended via Windows Task Manager.

Sure wish someone could help me solve this mystery.


Real Player is a program one shouldn’t even install it has caused various problems for users. If you want to play real files just download the RealAlt codec. I use it for sites that requires real player installed but the RealAlt works fine with those sites.