WMP 11 Won't Play DVDs since using CloneDVD



I’ve had CloneDVD installed on my PC for a few months, now, but only today have I actually used it. I copied some homemade DVDs (clearly not copyrighted—just family home movies).

Now, neither of my DVD drives on this PC will play standard DVDs (using WMP11). I receive the following message: “Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your DVD drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card.”

Please note, DVD playback was flawless prior to using CloneDVD.


How updated is your WMP11 and CloneDVD? What kinda media did you burn to and did you have to booktype the media? What kinda GPU do you have?? Try VLC and see if that doesn’t play them and if VLC can’t play them then the media is bad.


[quote=coolcolors;2187568]How updated is your WMP11…[/quote] WMP says I have the latest updates.

[quote=coolcolors;2187568]and CloneDVD?..[/quote]I have v2.9.1.9

[quote=coolcolors;2187568]What kinda media did you burn to…[/quote]Memorex DVD+R DL 8.5 GB (I’m not having any issues with playback of burned discs)

[quote=coolcolors;2187568]…and did you have to booktype the media?..[/quote]I don’t know what that means (I’m obviously a newbie when it comes to this.) I didn’t do anything special, however. I just allowed CloneDVD to copy the DVD.

[quote=coolcolors;2187568]…What kinda GPU do you have?..[/quote]NVIDIA GeForce 7300 SE/7200 GS

[quote=coolcolors;2187568]…Try VLC and see if that doesn’t play them and if VLC can’t play them then the media is bad.[/quote]I really don’t see how this could be my media. I’ve used various, store-bought, copyrighted discs of varying ages using both drives. These discs played properly prior to using CloneDVD.


What kinda burner drive do you have and it it firmware updated? I know cause my WMP 11 will play dvd movies not as good as WinDVD but it will play dvd movies. Reason why I say to try VLC is it’s free and play a majority of media and media formats. This is a way to test what might be causing your unplayable dvd movies to eliminate if it the drive or software causing the problems.


I appreciate your help, so please don’t take my hesitancy to carry out your suggestions as an afront to your expertise. For one, how could it be a firmware problem that suddenly involves 2 different drives? While downloading and using VLC could allow me to view DVDs on the PC again, it does not resolve the problem with WMP. Is my logic not sound in deducing that CloneDVD has changed something when everything was working normally prior to using it?

The drives in question are: LITE-ON DVDRW LH-20A1S and Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616F


120inna55 ;Open the original “family home movie” DVD disc.
What kind of folders & file types are on it ?
If the files are other than standard DVD format .This would be a VIDEO_TS folder with .bup , .ifo , .vob & an AUDIO_TS folder that is empty.
I suspect the original has other files from a video camera.CloneDVD may not correctly copy these.
Does the DVD made by CloneDVD play in a settop player if you have one?
I would suggest trying ImgBurn.Simple instructions Build mode to the HD then Write mode to a new DVD disc.


Again, the “home video” copied fine. That DVD plays fine in my PS3 and another laptop with WMP11 on it. The problem is that WMP11 on my PC will no longer play DVDs since using DVDClone. It simply gives the error message quoted in the OP.


Only thing left is to uninstall WMP 11 and any codec you installed to run on it and reinstall just WMP 11 by itself and see if can properly play a DVD. I don’t know much about CloneDVD doing that making you unable to play dvd as it doesn’t run only til you need it.


I had similar problems and it came down to the (Vista) registry “upper & lower filters” problem on the cd-rom. Try a search on that, it’s easy to check and a common problem. I also had some goofy problems when a cd was in the drive too and it came down to various progrrams trying to lock the drive at the same time. I uncheck all programs that have a provision to “lock drive while in use” in their preferences and all is well now.
Good luck!