WMP 11 problem



I need help on this. My friends Lap Top, Vista Home ed. OS, her WMP 11 stopped working even the Windows Media center stopped playing music though it says Now Playing no sounds come out but video is okay. WMP11 wont launch at all when clicked on the icon or anywhere. I can not even find it in the Add and Remove program entry. I am expecting to be there WMP11 and WMP runtime but none was listed. Its on the program files though. I opened the folder and tried to re-install through the .exe file but it says “there is a more recent version installed and can’t use this file to repair etcc”.

How can you repair the faulty Player? And is it possible to remove it and then install a new downloaded one? this btw, came in with the Vista installation.



If it isn’t in Add/Remove Programs, then just delete it from Program Files, (make sure that you have ability to download a new one first), then install the new one… Not sure that will fix your problem though… Worth a try…


[B]A boatload of suggestions / fixes for WMP 11 issues.[/B]
With this many suggestions, may want to read /printout the entirely list prior to making any changes (create new Restore point / image copy if available). First overview, WMP11 / Vista does NOT get along with numerous 3rd party apps.


That’s another problem. I tried that and it won’t allow me to delete the WMP11 folder in Program Files.
even logged on as administrator.

I go to her place tomorrow and see if I can identify the WMP11 update if I open the “Show Updates” in the Add Remove Program".

She’s frustrated because she’s got loads of MP3 files to play. I installed Real Player for her for now.