WMP 10 Sorting Problem

First, I need to say that I have already posted my question on the Microsoft Windows Media Newsgroup website (which is the proper newsgroup for WMP 10) and no one could or would help me. There were no replys to my question.
So heres hoping that someone on this website can help me. My OS is Windows XP Home SP2. My problem in a nutshell: I download all of the songs to Album X on My Desktop. I then drop & drag the songs to the My Music folder. They immediately get added to the library in WMP 10. When I drop & drag the songs into the My Music folder I drop & drag them in the track order they appear on the album. Now here is the problem: WMP 10 never keeps the songs in their proper order as they originally appeared on the album. Indeed each time I open WMP 10 the tracks are in a different order than before.
Q: Is there any way to force WMP 10 to list the tracks in their proper order each time I open WMP 10?

I can’t remember whether WMP takes notice of ID3 tags of .mp3s (if that is the format of the music). Otherwise you might have to rename the files with the track numbers at the front eg:

[li] 01 - Xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx[/li][li] 02 - Xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx[/li][li] 03 - Xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx[/li][li] …etc[/li][/ul]

I use WMPv10 in XP Pro and got so p*ssed off with it that I ripped out all the tags from my 19,000 MP3’s and it now runs them in perfect alpabetical order as well as loading them a zillion times faster… (same improvement in handling speed for Windows Explorer too…)

Not recommending you necessarily do the same, but it my case I named all my songs in the format “tracktitle<comma>artist” which let’s me find them in Explorer easily and removes the need for tags completely…

Here’s a free program to help with the tagging and re-naming of mp3s The Godfather