WMP 10 probs after AnyDVD/DVD43

Hi all,

I’m having problems watching all DVD’s through Windows Media player 10. Since i have installed AnyDVD and DVD43 it fails to play DVD films with errors relating to “copyright procetion” and sometimes “corrupt codecs”. I have tried uninstalling both apps and even run a decent registry cleaner but the problem still persists. PowerDVD still works fine, however i would like to get WMP10 back up and running if possible.

Has anyone else had this problems and is there a way of reinstalling WMP 10 to see if that helps things? Thanks to anyone who replies.

Anyone have any ideas? Could it be that those program have installed CODECS and if so do you know what ones they are so i can remove them?

Thank you to anyone who replies

You can try re-installing WMP 10 by re-downloading it HERE. Re-installing it is likely to fix this problem.

Ben :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply,

I have just tried re-installing the latest version of WMP, I now have the latest version, but it still crashes when trying to play any type of DVD :frowning: Any other ideas guys?

Just reinstalled windows and SP2 and all works now. Must have been some nasty codec these programs left behind that WMP didn’t like.