WMP 10 not recognizing dvd file

This just ocurred this weekend. My Windows Media Player 10 won’t recognize dvd files that it did recognize and play last weekend. The dvds were ripped at various times using the then current AnyDVD, and Clone DVD2 software into a single ISO file. The ISO files are mounted using Virtual Clone drive and then played through WMP10. WMP10 played the files perfectly last weekend…but today, WMP says files not recognized. They play well with Power DVD 7, but I like the quality better with WMP10. Nothing has changed in my config…any thoughts or suggestions appreciated… :confused:

Not sure why you posted this in the CloneDVD forum. Sounds like a media player problem. Did you check Microsoft online support?

I checked and the answer there seems to be the typical uninstall WMP and reinstall. Didn’t want to do that unless last resort. Being suspicious, I thought maybe there was some DRM thing that sneaked into the system and WMP via one of Microsoft’s many updates. Just rather curious that it was working and now it’s not, with no hardware/softawere changes or additions. AnyDVD and Clone DVD are great products so wanted to see if this is a recent problem for others. If not, then I go the uninstall route.

You could try the WMP beta 11, maybe that will help.

Thanks Alan1476…I might try that as well

As a followup to my original problem, I uninstalled and reinstalled WMP10, with no luck. That left me to uninstall and reinstall the Nvidia graphics drivers (they are the latest) and Nvidia’s PureVidoe codecs (the latest also.) Since the graphics drivers seemed to be working OK, I uninstalled and reinstalled PureVideo and that solved the problem. Not sure how it got corrupted…but not an AnyDVD/CloneDVD issue.

So why post in this forum?

Windows Media Player will not play DVD’s unless you have another DVD player software installed on your computer. That’s been my experience in the past. Download a free DVD player and I bet it will work just fine.

scribe5 -

You are posting in the CloneDVD Forum and you Windows Media Player 10 problem doesn’t have anything to do with the CloneDVD software program.

Two other members have made you aware of that fact.

If you have hopes of resolving your Windows Media Player 10 problem you should be posting in the appropriate CD Freaks Forum (General Software Forum - http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=3)


before you leave for the correct forum, you might also check to insure that you have your file associations set correctly for WMP to handle DVDs; and as stated above you must have the correct codec installed; usually the one that comes with windvd or powerdvd does the trick. You can also buy the plugin pack from a couple of places for about 20.00 that will enable WMP.