WMM captured AVIs not playable

Hi all

I am hoping someone can help me with this one.
I use Windows Movie Maker to capture my DV tapes to HDD, but then the resultant file is not playable by WMM or WMP.

My aim is to capture 60 mini-DV tapes in my home-video collection to my hard drive.

Then I want to encode each of the raw 1-hour files to fit onto a single DVD+R. My standalone DVD player can play AVI and DivX.

I have previously used Windows Movie Maker to capture and edit some of these tapes with no problems. So it being very simple software, I reckoned it should be good enough for capturing only.

Now it seems that after I have captured the tape to HDD, I cannot play the 13 Gb files in MovieMaker or Windows media player. KMPlayer seems to play them without any problem.

In both WMM and WMP I click play and it just sits there showing the first frame. I can scroll along the time-bar and it wil show the video as if in pause mode.
I downloaded the latest Dr. DivX and loaded one of the raw avi’s. I analyzes OK, but also cannot play the file in its preview window - same behaviour as WMM and WMP. It would try to encode, but fails during the second pass.

When I tried to capture using Pinnacle Studio 10 it worked fine. I can then use Dr. DivX to recode the files, no problem.

Now, I have already captured about 30 tapes using WMM and I really don’t want to redo it.:doh:

My system consists of the following:
Canon MV200 mini-DV camera
Gigabyte 7VT600-1394 mobo with on-board firewire
Athlon Barton 2500+ (1833 MHz AFAIK)
Seagate 750 Gb HDD and 2 x 120 Gb Seagates
WMM 2.1.4026.0
Dr. DivX 2.0.1 b7 with free 6.8.4 DivX encoder

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with my capturing process? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

When you captured the dv-avi files from your tapes, did you capture as DV-AVI? Did you set to NTSC 720 x 480, and use AC3 as your audio at 48hz?
Please provide more details.

Thanks for the reply

Not much details I can give you. I mean, WMM is pretty basic.

I ran the Video Capture Wizard in WMM and selected the Digital device format (DV-AVI) option (middle of 3 radio buttons).
“Setting details” are listed as:
Display size: 720 x 576
Video format: PAL

“Video file size box” says:
Each minute of video saved with this setting will consume 178 Mb.

There is nothing to set here, unless I select one of the other two radio buttons:
Best quality for playback on my computer
Other settings - list of encoding options with bitrates for Pocket PC, LAN, Broadband, Local playback etc.

I wanted the best quality and so selected DV-AVI, assuming it is as raw as one can get in WMM

Only thing I can think that I did differently from previous times is that I didn’t allow WMM to break the captured video up into clips, because I wasn’t going to edit it. SO the file it has to play is 13 Gb and > 1h. Is this perhaps too large?

Sorry, just to add:

Checking the file properties of a video in WMP:

Bit rate: -
Video size: 768 x 576 (WMP said 720 x 576)
Audio codec: AC3Filter
Video codec: ffdshow MPEG-4 Video Decoder

I don’t know much about video codecs, so where does ffdshow come from? Does it come with WMM?