Wmc & xbox 360


I purchased DVD FAB Platinum and it works great for “archiving” my dvd’s.

I’ve recently purchased an Xbox 360 and wish to “archive” some of my DVD’s so that I can play then in Windows (Vista) Media Center and also stream them to my Xbox 360. I would like to end up with a file of about 2 to 3 GB insize. I don’t want a 1 to 1 copy. I also don’t want a wmv file as it takes too long.

I’ve searched this forum and tried just about every option for avi output which play fine on the VMC console but fail to stream to my Xbox with the latest updates.

Any help or pointers will be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know much about Media Center in Vista but you could try XBMC to stream the avi’s. Just a thought.

I appreciate that suggestion Whappo. However iI would like to keep things confined to what I currently have if possible.

Use Generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy
bitrate 2048


I tried your suggestions from the other thread.

The results play fine in WMC but when streamed to Xbox 360
from WMC Xbox says unsupported format.

I do the same thing and found this very helpful, it may not be the most recent update though but this is the guide I have always used:

Bottom line is streaming through VMC is the most restrictive, only WMV and MPEG-2 are supported. MPEG-2 is very fast to do in FAB with the VOB passthrough mobile setting, but unfortunately it doesn’t meet your sizing requirements - the resulting file(s) will be quite large.

If you want to forget about VMC and stream directly to the XBOX you have more choices. Streaming directly from your PC is easy to do with TVersity (Windows) or Ushare (Linux), I’ve done both - there are both free apps and dead easy to set up - watch your firewall settings here because your computer has to broadcast UPnP messages.

Hope that helps.

One more thing, if you want to stay with VMC and don’t like the available codec choices then you are looking at some kind of transcoding solution. Check out TrascCode 360, I’m not for sure because I have never done it but I believe there are some kind of directions there on how to integrate with VMC. Good Luck.

I have not tried what is in the latest beta of DVD Fab yet, as they just added some improvements for the Xbox 360 profiles, but honestly I was trying to do what you are trying to do with Windows Media Center and my Xboxse and just gave up after a while. The Codecs from WMC are limited, but you can configure Windows Media Player to stream to your Xbox though which allows you to watch AVI videos and play your music from the Dashboard.

While not as pretty of a UI, it does work. I do wish Microsoft would toss us some more codecs though for WMC as I like that UI for the family much better. I have been using the AVI and Xvid profile for my stuff lately along with a full back up. AVI was the only way to get 5.1 audio as well on the Xbox. The new WMV profiles support Dolby Prologic now though in the new Beta from what I have seen.

Typical movie is about 1.3GB with 5.1 with AVI/Xvid.

LAGamer and MonkeyCowboy,

I just tried MonkeyCowboy’s settings with Same results.

I’d use the Xbox360 but the conversion just takes too long.

[QUOTE=johngaltky;2233498]LAGamer and MonkeyCowboy,

I just tried MonkeyCowboy’s settings with Same results.

I’d use the Xbox360 but the conversion just takes too long.[/QUOTE]I do not use VMC or XPMC for that matter.

I was using WXP.WMP 11 to serve an generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy file to the xbox.

I did however have to update the xbox through xbox live, there is a free SW update, as I recall it was a hassle to find, I documented it in one of my other threads, if VMC is as restrictive as you say my suggestion is to find another server to stream to your xbox.


Re: DVDFab 5230 - slow Xbox360 convert?

OK I stole my step daughters xBox 360… hey it’s pretty cool…and hooked it up to my development environment.

Straight up it had no problems playing WMV files I had created prior to discovering DVDfab.

Next step I choose an avi file (Bangkok Dangerous), gave me an error messege that I needed to connect to xBox live and update the system. So I go through the sign up process and connect to xBox Live. I go back to media an tryto kick off BD, and I get the same message, except now there is a button to perform the upgrade. I select upgrade and 30 sec later Bangkok Dangerous is playing in all it’s glory.

Bottom line, if the xBox360 profile is too slow use the Generic.xvid.avi.audiocopy profile.

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