WMAs and Nero

Hello forum, :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to make an audio CD with the help of Nero 6 but when I paste WMAs into Nero it says “file formats are not supported”.

I downloaded WMAPlugin2093 but this doesn’t seem to have done anything. When I click on the .exe it seems to unpack itself into temporary folders and then install but I can’t see it anywhere.

Do I need to somehow let Nero know that a plugin has been added? Maybe I need to manually move a .dll into a plugins directory?

I am very surprised you are having this trouble,once the wma plugin has been unpacked and installed everything should be ok,you could check the nero program files and see if you can see it in there.:confused: :confused:

Maybe it can’t burn “protected” WMAs? I’ll try to find a different WMA that has none of that sort of protection - I think.

I tried - using CDEX - ton convert a WMA to WAV and it failed. A message was displayed saying “Could not find the WmAudSDK.DLL file”.

This is a DLL required to use WMA try downloading from here. Then unpack to the required folder, reboot and try again.

I can already burn (and I assume convert) unprotected WMAs though.