WMA9 or MP3 newest Lame?

I use napsters download service and I have some questions for the smart members here at CDfreaks.com.

I use tunebite to remove the DRM from my Napster tracks, I know that Napsters music is only in 128WMA so the Quality that I rip them should be no larger than 128kbps WMA or 128kbps MP3 correct?

I have heard much speculation about WMA being better than MP3, in other words is there any difference at 128kbps between mp3 & WMA and as its allready in WMA from napster is it better to rip to WMA? Call me Crazy but I like mp3’s sound Quality a lot, but if wma is better I will go with it.

Is napster the best buffet site as in I pay $9.95 a mounth for all the music I can download, I heard that Yahoomusic has the same thing but there music is 192Kbps WMA is this true? Which is best as far as music encoding Quality Yahoo or Napster or Rastopy or Other? :iagree:

About the quality difference between MP3 and WMA… that has been answered at http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/

As for whether to convert from protected WMA to unprotected WMA, or whether to convert to MP3… definitely convert to MP3. There are many more players and tools that support MP3 than WMA.

Thanks for the Help, WMA is somewhat a handycap.