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Hi, I’ve converted all of my music files into WMA (Windows Media Audio) for its enhanced compression but how do I covert them back into MP3 for making an MP3 CD etc…

I’ve found ‘Audio Converter LE’ in the Windows Media Player bonus pack but it only goes from MP3 to WMA although it claims that ‘Audio Converter SE’ (Standard Edition) does. The problem with that is Standard Edition costs $19.99. Do any of you know some good freebees and if so where can you get them?

Ive tried CDex and MusicMatch but I cant get either of them to convert WMA, only wav and mp3!

Try MusicMatchBox7,it’s great for converting WAV to MP3 and vice verser.

It’s not a free programe so download it from KaZaA,if you know what i mean :wink:

WMA has this thing with protection…don’t know if it applies in this case.

What you could try is using WinAmp.
In WinAmp you can choose the DiskWriter plugin that allows you to extract mp3 files (and perhaps WMA files too) to your harddisk as wav files. Wav files can hen be burnt onto audio CD or converted to MP3 (please note that any conversion will result in a loss of quality, so you will be better off ripping the original cd again)

CDex is what I use. Very good. Very simple, and very free.

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CDex is what I use. Very good. Very simple, and very free.


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Rational users who don’t mind putting in a little effort of their own can use this link:

Lazy people who expect others to do their (dirty) work can click here

What about smart and friendly people who post dead links?


Your effort if highly appreciated.

neither link is dead?

Well you get to the site ok but download(s) don’t work.

But don’t worry my good people, I shall find it, I’m used to search & research the net.

If I recommend a program I always link it, so I thought maybe Okmaman forgot, that’s all.

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OK ok I got it, :slight_smile:

The link was good but my GetRight was downloading the refer links so I wasn’t being transfered to the mirror.
I disabled Getright and that fixed it.

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