WMA to MP3 or directly to CD, HOW?



How do I burn WMA files directly to cd of maybe first to MP3 ?? Any handy utils for this ??


use nero


You can use MusicMatch Jukebox to convert:

  • wma - mp3
  • wma - wav
  • mp3 - wav
  • mp3 - wma
  • wav - mp3
  • wav - wma

Good luck!


Thanx Wookie, I’ll try that.
I don’t want to use Nero cause I always use CDRWIN and nero doesn;t work with plextor 12x…or is this not true ?



VitaminC: Nero 5 works perfectly with Plex 12x!! Can you tell me how to get CDRWIN to work? I only seem to burn coasters!!!
About converting WMA to CDDA: Nero 5 sux with that! It’s a bitchin’ slow thing to do and w8 for!!



With CDRWIN only change the error recovery to ‘ignore erros’ and the read retry count to 10 and you’ll burn everything without problems…


musicmatch doesn;t work at all
it can only convert mp3 to wma not the other way around but now i found unfuck.exe which can convert wma files to mp3 but it gave an error saying that i haven’t got the wma codec installed but this is not true cause i got mediplayer 7 wich can play wma files so…


Use the latest Winamp to convert WMA to WAV. It is slow but its works!


I gave winamp 2,62 this is the latest version I believe but i can’t even play WMA files with this version of winamp


Use Nero, it works for me.

Nero Rulez


Dee-ehn, are u using a serial no that u got from somewhere?? (an illegal one?)

cos all black-listed serial numbers will be accepted by cdwin but as a punishment for trying illegal serials… it will deliberatly burn costers…

hope this helps



MusicMatch does work!
When U start it just goto [options/file/convert]! Then you can change the formats how U want it to convert in the “Source data type” and “Destination data type”!

Just tried it with a mp3 - wma! 4,87 mb became 2,95 mb! Then I played it in Winamp 2.62 and it sounded ok!

Good luck!



As you being a member and i being a junior member i can assume that you can READ ?

Hehe … just kiddin’ … but you don’t get the point !

WMA --> MP3 does NOT work with Musicmatch !!
Only WMA --> WMA


yes both Musicmatch and winamp 2.26 can;t convert WMA to MP3, the only program that should work is UNFUCK.EXE but when i want to ‘unfuck’ a wma file it says i haven;t got the wma codec installed, but this is not true so…
aren;t there any other apps ???




I see that you are not getting anywhere with all the help so far.

Winamp 2.6 is able to play WMA and to convert it to Wav using the out to disk option. I’m sure cause I do it all the time. Maybe you should check your Winamp settings first. Go to the Winamp preferences and see if the Microsoft Winamp/WMA plugin is installed. If no got to www.winamp.com to get it. Only the full version of Winamp can play WMA. Could be that youre using another version or older version.

Unfuck.exe is just for removing the copyprotection from a wmafile. It has nothing to do with converting these files to others formats like WAV or MP3. As far is I know Winamp is the only prog that can convert WMA to WAV. If there is a faster prog, please let me know.

Hope this helps you out.


I think you’re right, I remember I downloaded the lite version i think…?.
Í will download the plugin.

But it would be easier to have a util that can burn wma files directly to cd.

I use to use winamp to convert mp3 to wav and then burn on cd but now i just use CDRWin and directly burn mp3 to cd so this would be easy with wma.

I hope the new CDRWIN release can do this…

But thanx…


go download CoolDecoder… a free program that decode MP3–>WAVE or WMA----->WAVE

good luck


U can also use Magix MP3 Maker! The free demo version is available at this site!



Tx for the tip Nisename.

But where can I download cooldecoder? Haven’t found it yet.