Wma to mp3 'on the fly'



Is is possible to make nero convert my wma files to mp3 as they are burned to a cd? (like it converts mp3 to wav)

Or is there any other burning program that allows this?

  • The reason is that I have all my music in wma but I have a discman that supports mp3. But I don’t feel like converting all my music.


No, it isn’t possible to convert WMA directly to other compressed formats.

As stated in Nero:

Microsoft’s license does not allow transcoding of WMA files into any other format.


Then your best bet would be to enqueue all your WMA files in Winamp and then enable the Nullsoft Disk Writer (to write them to WAV). And then use CDex or something to convert to MP3 (it would be good advice to use at least 160 Kbps because of the quality loss incurred when uncompressing and then recompressing). I’m afraid that this sort of conversion is gonna be the only way even though you don’t want to do it. You’re going to need quite a few GB free on the hard drive too for all those uncompressed WAVs when carrying it out.


I just used the batch conversion in Goldwave to convert an album of WMA files over to Mp3’s. Slow though. I happen to like Goldwave as it is a excellent audio editor, de-noiser, and has many other nice capabilities

I have a trial version of the latest Padus DiscJuggler installed. It seems to be able to write WMA files to a CD. Per DiscJuggler help instructions - - In the Explorer section or Windows Explorer, select any combination of WAV, MP3 and WMA audio files you want to record, and then drag-and-drop them over the “Open session” item in the in the CD Layout window. Repeat until CD Layout contains all of the songs you want to record.

Used Nero 6 to “simulate” burn the album of WMA’s, and Nero 6 seem to work okay. A lot of new capability was added to the new Nero. So, maybe something was changed in Nero 6. Per Nero 6 help instructions - - - Nero does not mind what audio format the files are in because compressed files (e.g. MP3, mp3PRO, WAV, VQF, WMA or AIF) are automatically converted prior to burning so that they can be burned in CDA format. However decoding these files takes a certain amount of time and so the burning speed may have to be matched to the PC’s power and computing processes.

There are also other softwares that maybe useful:

Audio Maestro - - - Consists of five independent applications. CD-DA Extractor extracts and stores music from audio CDs and supports various audio formats, CDDB, normalization, fade in and out, adjustment of silence, equalizer, and 3D effects. File Converter converts 15 kinds of audio formats, including MP3, WAV, WMA, and Real Audio. Sound Editor edits sound freely; records sound (Timer, VAS, and Auto-track Recording) from analog sources; removes noise, clicks, and pops; supports various effects and filters, including amplify, vibrato, reverse, stretch, remove vocal, and FFT; and supports frequency analysis. CD Writer burns audio CDs and data CDs; supports normalization, multisession and multirecording, burn-proof recording, image recording, and playback before recording; and saves and loads recording information. Recorder records sound as MP3,WMA,WAV including ‘streaming audio’. It supports Supports Auto recording level, Audio sensor, File processor, Recording scheduler, etc.

MP3 to CD Burner Pro - - - Burn custom music CDs from MP3s, WAVs or existing play lists (M3U, PLS) (with WMA + OGG coming soon!)


so does that mean that there isn’t even a program that converts wma to mp3 directly?
which bitrate should the mp3 have when my wma is 160?


Winamp plays either format, so they are not a problem when played on the Computer using the files stored on the hard drive. Both Nero 6 and DiscJuggler can burn them to standard music CDs, be they WMA’s, Mp3’s, or any mix thereof. Relative to these two concerns, computer play or CD-burning, there is no reason to even convert them at all.

When Nero and DiscJuggler burn, they are converting the Wma (or Mp3) over to Cda files, which are almost like Wav files. These are of no use to you. And, in fact way too big, to work with when dealing with lots of files

As to the Discman, that supports mp3’s only, I have never had one so I do not know what media it takes. But supposedly, you need Mp3’s for the Discman, but only have Wma’s on your hard drive

Suspect you will need to use an Audio Converter software, say one of the below. They may be faster than Goldwave. If not faster, then choose Goldwave and use the batch processor in Goldwave. Goldwave’s many capabilities will be more useful to you over time, then getting a simple converter software.

Audio Conversion Studio - - hp://www.convert-wma-mp3.com/
Audio Convert - - h

When converting, choose a higher end bitrate than what you started with, to minimize audio loss during the conversion. You started with 160-Bitrate, then select 192-Bitrate for output This 192 is a guess, as it is “claimed” that Wma’s are better than Mp3’s relative to sound quality. Unless you have the "golden ears " of the young and are particularly sensitive to sound quality, you are not going to tell the difference between your 160-Wma’s and the 192-Mp3’s